World Class Industrial Finishing Systems (PDF)
Under the best circumstances, merging of two companies produces a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. That‘s how it works with the acquisition of Ohio-based Nutro Corporation by European machinery builder Venjakob.
Prototype Brake Rotor Coating Line (PDF)
Robots Improve Quality for Brake-Rotor Coating Lines
Coolac Paint Recovery (PDF)
We recycle newspapers, cans and bottles, so why not paint? Until recently, the technology was not available to industrial paint applicators.
Products Coated by Nutro Finishing Systems (PDF)
Complete Solutions for Pipe & Tube Coating (PDF)
Whether your requirement is short term rust prevention or long term full corrosion protection, we design and manufacture Pipe & Tube coating systems for solvent based, waterborne, UV and powder coatings.