Nutro Inc. Laboratory

Testing in realistic production conditions

Excellent Paint systems don’t just happen… they evolve from sound engineering, bright ideas, and a lot of preparation.
For Nutro, there is no substitute for laboratory testing. Proving a process in the lab eliminates guesswork and reduces costly mistakes in the plant.

Nutro has invested heavily in a process development laboratory with the capability of replicating your production process. This commitment includes the instillation of a pilot scale chain-on-edge line for finishing a wide range of products.

Here are some examples of the flexibility in technologies Nutro offers for custom lab tests:

  • Fully Automated COE, overhead, and power and free conveyance with customizable work holders
  • Multiple side draft spray booths
  • 6 axis P-50i Fanuc Robot Add link to Fanuc
  • UV chamber fusion microwave lamps
  • Manual and automatic powder spray booths
  • Induction heater and coils
  • Combination IR and convection “Coyote” oven.
  • Pipe Coating Test Line
  • Coolac® test panel
  • Stand alone electric and gas convection ovens
  • Large automotive spray booth
  • Small scale UV curing flat line
  • Multiple test equipment and measuring meters for various processes
  • HVLP, Airless, Electrostatic, Powder, and Conventional spray technologies
  • Production power and free paint system that includes:
    • Large side draft plenum
    • Automotive down draft spray booth
    • Down draft wash booth
    • Reclaim and spray to waste powder spray booth
    • Large scale convection oven

For customers with limited laboratory capabilities who want to independently develop a painting curing or material- handlings process, our state of the art lab provides engineered solutions to specific finishing needs. Our lab is an excellent resource for process development, process verification, pre- production testing, and research development.

If you need to run a finishing tests contact: